Image Of Karen and Christian From The Brownie House

Brownie House began with a family recipe in a home kitchen in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Karen Higgins discovered her grandmother’s “best ever” brownie recipe in 2005. The brownies were chunky, fudgy, and cakey. She added high-quality ingredients and premium chocolate to the brownies and shared them with friends and family. Soon after, she received multiple requests to bake the “best ever” brownies for local events and to ship them as gifts.

Requests for the “best ever” brownies increased rapidly, and a small commercial kitchen and storefront in Morgantown followed. Because the bakery business began in her home, Karen chose the name “Brownie House” to preserve its authenticity.

By 2006, Brownie House had transformed into a busy e-commerce business with a popular storefront where it shipped twelve unique flavors of brownies nationwide for corporate gifts, holidays, and events!

In 2008, Karen was faced with a choice: the business needed to expand to a larger baking facility to fill the high demand for her brownies, but the expansion came with a significant financial risk. The business was closed. However, the possibility of someday reopening was always an exciting topic for Karen’s family.

Nearly fifteen years later, Karen and her oldest son, Christian Higgins, rebranded and reopened Brownie House with capacity to fill brownie orders in high volume for shipping, delivery, and in store pickup. The decision to reopen was an easy one for them, and they left their professional careers behind to pursue their passion for baking and managing the old family business as a mother-son duo.

Brownie House is now veteran-owned, family-operated, and a proud West Virginia business. Karen and Christian are proud of their ties to West Virginia, and they have based Brownie House’s operations out of a historical landmark along the Monongahela River.